An inspiring place to shop for women's clothing, accessories and home decor.

The Anthropologie lifestyle brand signifies beauty, optimism and discovery. Their products are culled from around the world, carefully chosen for their unique design and aesthetic appeal. Each piece of women’s’ clothing, every shoe, accessory, gift and house and home item artfully blends a modern sensibility with a vintage twist. Anthropologie also collaborates with international artisans and designers to create exciting exclusive lines. Under the direction of their award-winning visual team, Anthropologies’ products are displayed in inventive milieus composed of found and quotidian objects repurposed into refreshing orchestrations. Through their thoughtfully achieved brand and incredible store environments, Anthropologie fulfills its mission to create an emotional bond with its customers. The Anthropologie experience is like no other; it’s a perfect escape from the ordinary.

The Anthropologie store, whose parent company includes Urban Outfitters and Free People, debuted in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The Anthropologie brand evolved from a single line that was carried in Urban Outfitters, founded in 1970 by Click Wayne, with the opening of the first Free People store. Anthropologie now operates 175 stores worldwide, including in Canada and the UK.

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