Prawn Coastal Casual by Mark Peel

Prawn Coastal Casual by Mark Peel

Iconic California chef Mark Peel offers his latest fresh and inspired fast-casual seafood concept, Prawn.

Prawn showcases a modern and accessible menu of seafood options laden with unique flavor, made with California’s freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. In a departure from his fine dining legacy, Chef Mark Peel brings an approachable seafood-centric menu to Pasadena diners. “Seafood is wonderful in that it allows us to explore a world of flavors, while keeping the dishes simple and delicious. Bringing classic nuances of elegant seafood to the fast-casual world is what I’m most excited about,” says Chef Peel regarding his coastal-inspired menu.

Hailed as one of the founders of California cuisine, Chef Peel has left his indelible mark on places such as Ma Maison, Michael’s, Chez Panisse, Spago, Chinois, co-founding La Brea Bakery and, his award-winning restaurant for more than two decades, Campanile.

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