31 days of Resolutions, Socially Speaking

31 days of Resolutions, Socially Speaking

Now that we are nestling into 2019, many of us are thinking about what resolutions we are going to keep this year.  Granted, it can be tough to keep all that new year spirit and optimism going, including those well-intended resolutions.

To lend a hand, this January we’ve created a “31 Days of Resolutions” with easy to accomplish resolutions and in tensions posted daily on Instagram.

Follow us as we offer to expand your municipal relationship by exploring Pasadena’s cultural gems such as The Huntington Library. Or refresh your living space and hunt for antiques at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Get cultural while discovering lesser-known parts of Los Angeles where you can immerse yourself in art installations.

Better your health, happiness and horizons by taking a daily walk around your neighborhood, or pick up a new hobby and take a class in something you’ve never tried before, like pottery or photography.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of resolutions all January long. No matter your intentions (and our IG posts), remember to always be kind, especially to yourself, especially as the year marches on. Breathe, recall what there is to be grateful for and know that if something does not happen today, there is always tomorrow!