Who’s coming to One Colorado? You get 21 guesses.

Who’s coming to One Colorado? You get 21 guesses.

21 Choices is coming to the One Colorado Food District, opening spring 2019!

Founded in 2011, Pasadena’s favorite yogurt shop serves up fresh frozen yogurts, including Belgian Chocolate, Caramel Churro, Strawberry Mai Tai (nondairy) and Nutella Chip. Flavors change daily. And as if you need anything else to make them delicious, 21 Choices offers multiple add-ins, from brownies, pretzels, circle animal cookies to fresh fruit, so you can mix and match your perfect, personalized frozen yogurt treat.

About the Food District, coming to One Colorado spring 2019:

Joining our fine array courtyard eateries – Prawn, Sage, Il Fornaio, Russell’s and Sushi Roku – the One Colorado Food District is due to start serving in spring 2019 from its Union Street location. The Food District will offer a carefully considered selection of all local and Los Angeles-based food concepts. Russell’s new neighbors will include 21 Flavors, Soom Soom Fresh (Mediterranean) and Simplethings.

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