Lucky Sweets & Treats

Lucky Sweets & Treats

We love anything with a theme, as you know. And baking is no different. We found some nifty sweet treats perfect to make with the kids for St. Patrick’s Day!

This St. Paddy’s inspired Leprechaun Bark has all of our favorites: a chocolate base topped with marshmallows, M&M’s and rainbow sour belts. Yes, please! We would also try topping the bark with some Lucky Charms cereal. Why not?

We all know that the lucky Leprechaun can be found underneath the rainbow. So, if you bake these Rainbow Cupcakes he might show up at your place. These are super easy to make; just layer different colored cake batter starting with purple to create a rainbow when it’s finished baking. Pipe some buttercream frosting on top and double rainbow your cupcakes with a sour belt like this!

Semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and minty M&Ms all in a soft and chewy cookie?! Sign us up! You can even add some cocoa powder to make these chocolatey. Pro tip: chill the dough overnight.

Everyone loves a classic Rice Krispie Treat, but but how can you jazz up it up for St. Paddy’s Day? We like to mix things up with these Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats. Top the treats with rainbow sprinkles to really get into the St. Paddy’s spirit.

These Shamrock Sugar Cookies half dipped in dark chocolate and topped with green sprinkles are too pretty to eat yet irresistible.

Speaking of Lucky Charms, these Green Pancakes topped with Lucky Charms and whipped cream will be a new favorite holiday go-to. Great for kids big and little (inner children, too).

And if you’re pressed for time, but still want to make some goodies for the kids, dip some pretzels, Oreos or other cookies in chocolate & top with sprinkles.

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