Festive Holiday Date Nights

Festive Holiday Date Nights

Ah the Holidays. There’s so much to think about – parties, gifts, whether you’re getting coal in your stocking – again. So goodness knows you should not also be fretting about where to take a first-date or surprise your regular squeeze. In the spirit of giving, we have some ideas for you.

How about an outdoor ice skating date here in LA, with our chilly 70-degree nights? There’s The Rink in Downtown Burbank next to City Hall, which is open daily 10a -10p, December 13 through January 7.

Or if DTLA is more your scene, give The Bai Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square a whirl. Whizz around in an impressive spray of ice and steel, or conveniently fall into the arms of your date as you skate under the skylines and stars of LA.

And then there’s Robo Lights in Palm Springs. We’ll just say, this ain’t your traditional Holiday light show. But it’ll certainly make an impression. It’s about an acre’s worth of twisting pathways teeming with static and kinetic Holiday-ish themed installations, replete with aliens, robots, decorated dolls, bedazzled mannequins and Santas of every stripe. It’s a showstopper for sure, amazing for its sheer magnitude. It’s kind of like a life-sized island of lost toys that’s gone a wee off its rocker. You can make a day of it; stroll the myriad vintage and design shops of downtown or visit the Palm Springs Museum by day, and then rock the Robo Light weirdness at sundown.