Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

Our favorite rainy-day activity has got to be lounging around with the family in our pajama’s eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and/or sipping tea. But sometimes you can only lounge so much until the kiddos start getting antsy.

So- our second favorite activity to do on a rainy-day are crafts! This Rainbow Art project is perfect when it’s raining outside. Construct the rainbow that will eventually give way after the rain. First, draw a rainbow (or anything abstract) on a sheet of watercolor paper, then leave it outside for the rainfall to create its magic.

What better time to create this Lava Lamp, other than a gloomy rainy day? You’ll find the ingredients to this project in your home. The trick? Alka Shetzer! Add these to the mixture and you will see the water rising up into the oil.

Rain-sticks sound so beautiful and you can make one of you own at home. You will need a paper towel roll (or a wrapping paper roll) foil, nails or tacks, rice, beans, popcorn kernel, and crafts for decoration. We love these DIY rain-sticks here, here, and here. When finished, decorate the rain stick with Washi tape, stickers, ribbons, beads or any other crafts.

We love the idea of this Splatter Art project! Grab some cardstock then lightly tape off a small horizontal section at the bottom. This area is where your little one will draw a person holding an umbrella underneath the rain. Then, with blue paint hit the paint-filled brush with another in a cross form to create the effect of rain (make sure to lay some newspapers underneath!). Once finished, let dry and remove the cardstock to create an umbrella man or woman dancing or singing underneath the rain!

As the rain settles, we love the idea of making Mud Pies! Grab your leftover aluminum pie dishes from the holidays then fill it with the wettest mud you can find. Decorate your “delicious” pies with rocks or stones and flowers you find in your backyard.

After the rain, comes a rainbow. Little girls will love to make this super easy Rainbow Craft. Using pom-poms to make the rainbow, felt and yarn to make raindrops, this is a project they will love!