Shopping Safely during Safer at Home

Shopping Safely during Safer at Home

Grocery stores are not only supplying sustenance but are helping us retain some sort of connection to our community, albeit from 6’ away. With the state-wide Safer at Home mandate, it may, however, feel a little daunting venturing out in terms of availability, supplies, lines and responsibility to yourself and others.

Last week Slate put out an article about food shopping safety. The author connected with two experts on the subject to offer informed advice as well as quell some of his own anxieties. Read the full article here.

Once you have the groceries at home, wash nonporous containers with dish soap. Apparently the virus doesn’t survive on cardboard after 24 hours. We got these tips (and others) from an article from Consumer Reports. Good Housekeeping also recommends that you properly wipe down counters or surfaces that came into contact with grocery bags.

Also make sure to wash fruits and veggies. There are plenty of over-the-counter solutions, but you can go DYI by mixing one cup vinegar to four cups water in a spray bottle and then adding a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

Keep it fresh and local. Our friends at Sage Vegan Bistro Pasadena, in addition to their ready-made meals and soups, are offering organic fruits and vegetables grown on their farm Sow-a-Heart. We’ve seen gorgeous herb bouquets, apples, plump avocados and other assorted veggies among the offerings. Check their Instagram page for details or call 626.564.8111.

If you have questions about your local markets, most are sharing updated hours and procedures on their websites. Trader Joe’s posted a consumer update on their website on how they are caring for their crew members and customers. It also includes revised store hours. As with many stores, they are making special accommodations for our senior friends: “Every day between 9am and 10am, Crew Members will maintain an additional line outside the front door for our senior customers.” While we may be missing out on their food samples, they are posting recipes on their website.

Whole Foods also has adjusted hours and monitored entrance. Here’s what they are doing in-store. They are still delivering but noted that availability may be limited due to demand. Their general Tips, Ideas & Recipe page makes for a good read. We can also vouch for some of their recipes!

Speaking of recipes, if you are cooking at home, we like the recipes and pretty pictures at 101 Cookbooks. It’s cooking that’s on the cleaner side with some meat options but mostly vegetarian and vegan recipes and desserts. They are also quite keen on interesting instant pot recipes. 101 Author Heidi Swanson is incredibly good at food and travel photography and shares it on her Instagram page.

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UPDATE 4/1/20: Found this article from Sunset Magazine about “new rules” for safe grocery store shopping. It’s intense, but read and heed as you will. Stay safe, Friends!