Espresso Yourself in Pasadena

Espresso Yourself in Pasadena

I’m not sure about you, but the first thing we think of when we wake up in the morning is having that first sip of coffee. It’s got to be one of the day’s top ten moments.

Pasadena is home to many delicious boutique coffee shops of all varieties and for every level of connoisseur, java junky and quick pick-me-up type. It was hard to chose our favorites (but we did it anyway). So here’s for you to sip on.

A Pasadena favorite, Intelligentsia Coffee has a gorgeous interior with twinkle lights and cool artwork. We love that this spot has plenty of seats for freelancers or students to get their work done. Your freshly brewed Espresso or Pour-Over comes with a side of sparkling water. The perfect touch.

Philz Coffee “One Cup at a Time” brewing and unique blending technique is something that every coffee lover can appreciate. Philz has over 20 blends to choose from. We’re partial to the Tesora, which is the first blend Phil ever created. Other fan favs are the Mint Mojito and the Gingersnap. For your first try, make sure to get your cup “Philz Way,” which means medium sweet and creamy. Your barista won’t let you leave until your Philz is just the way you like it. Sip Sip Hooray!

Copa Vida resides in one of Pasadena’s oldest buildings, circa 1902, and features award winning Baristas and plenty of seating. Quite the trendy spot, Copa Vida offers delicious open-faced sandwiches and toasts (try the Croque Madame). When it comes to caffeinated items, order their Pour-Overs and Espressos. But but don’t forget about their famous Affogatos – they have a whole menu dedicated them!

If you want a coffee that will literally knock your socks off and get your heart rate to 200 bpm, try Lee’s Sandwiches iced coffee. This sweet Vietnamese coffee contains condensed milk and has SO much caffeine you’ll be set all day (if not longer).

If you’re feeling a little despresso step into cheery Lavender & Honey, a sweet little coffee shop with delicious homemade deli sandwiches and super Instagrammable toasts. Try their famous French Lavender Breve and Honeybee Latte to make your day a little sweeter.

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters has some amazing brews- fan favorites include the Mocha, Horchata and the Lavender Vanilla Breve. Make sure to scoop up some coffee beans they have on display, so you can enjoy a jolt of the joint at home.

And of course, we have great joe here at One Colorado. Panetteria Bakery Café, Il Fornaio’s coffee and café shop is perfect for a Italian (or Americano) cuppa (coffee), with indoor or outdoor seating in the lovely tree-lined Smith Alley. (It’s fun to see the regulars, and their dogs, out there every morning.) Their made-to-order breakfast sandwiches are also really really good. And for some green caffeine, head to Sage Vegan Bistro. They usually have a tasty coffee drink of the month; this winter it’s peppermint cocoa. And a regular feature on their menu is the yummy sweet potato latte. It’s great for a pick up on a sluggish afternoon.