Sumptuous seasonal menu items at Sage Vegan Bistro!

Sumptuous seasonal menu items at Sage Vegan Bistro!

We love this time of year – the light, the crispness in the air, trees (sort of) changing color, Halloween lawn decor and most of all, the delicious fall foods like root veggies and squashes.

Sage celebrates the season with a new menu item – tamales and a cup of creamy Butternut Squash Soup. Nothing quite says fall like butternut soup, eh? They also have delicious handmade salsas to suit any temperament and temperature. We particularly like Molly’s Hot Sauce, which offers a quite a kick!

Sage also has the perfect autumnal coffee date/after dinner treat – Maple Sweet Potato Lattes! Sounds so good you can almost smell it.

Go get one and let us know how yummy it is – share your best MSP latte photo with us by tagging @OneColorado and @thekindsage. And don’t forget to order a slice of their Sweet Potato Cake (and then call us so we can come have a bite).