Sephora Beauty Classes

Sephora Beauty Classes

Learn with Sephora in their Beauty Classes!
Now in Sephora Pasadena. Free for Beauty Insiders.

Sharpen Your Cat Eye 5:30 pm

Say it with us: no more cat-eye envy. Sharpen your skills to perfect the art of winged eyeliner, from subtle swoops to soaring wings. Learn how to apply pencil, liquid, and gel formulas, then pinpoint which format and style is best for you. 45 mins.

Brow Shaping Basics 5:30 pm

Brows are the pillars of your face, so make them work hard for you. Discover the ideal shape to frame your features, including length, thickness, and more. Plus, find the right products for at-home maintenance. No tweezing involved. 45 mins.

Find Your Foundation Fit 5:30 pm

Want those dark circles, spots, and shadows gone? Learn how to color correct and conceal like a pro. We’ll help you find formulas that are right for you, including skincare picks to hydrate and brighten the eye area. 45 mins.

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